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Who are we?

Bell Atlantic Communication Limited is a telecommunication company, which has been in operation since 1998.The Company specializes in the following products-: Supply of computers and networking accessories. Authorized dealers For HP Compaq, Dell and Toshiba, IT products. HP servers, Dell servers and Epson printers …

What We Offer

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to keep inventing technologically powered ways to simplify your day to day services.
Our vision is Bell Atlantic  becoming  not only East African, but a  Global Brand in Technology.

Our Customer Relations

Here at Bell Atlantic, we believe that the client is the most important person of any given business. We are therefore committed to giving them our very first and fast priority on satisfying their needs.

What's New at Bell Atlantic

System Integration and security Solution is our among the New Services we have introduced.

System Integration (SI) is the process of joining different subsystems or components as one large system. It ensures that each integrated subsystem functions as required and hand in hand with the other small embedded sub systems. A good example of an intergrated system is a BVR Machine or a result checking system.

Bell Atlantic has been in forefront in several major systems in Kenya as the intergrator or as a consulting firm. The most rescent system is the KCPE result checking system that was introduced by the ministry of Education and many more to come.

We have also seen the need of combining security within our system as security has become one of our major drawback in implementing ad maintaining our systems. We have therefore introduced security services ranging from data protection to home security and surveillance system installations. please read more on respective menus on top of this page

Our Service Provision

Bell Atlantic has been offering services  for a decade now and that proves that we have gained vast experience in service provision. We have kept our staff constantly in research and invention of best practise to keep in pace with ever evolving techno-world of today. In order for us to be able to serve you well , we have classified our service provision in different categories that will enable Corporate and  Institutions have all-inclusive out-of-the-box solutions from single source.

We have therefore set different packages that suites ones pocket and requirement namely Bell Bronze Package, Silver Package for SMEs, Gold and Platinum Packages ideal for corporates and government/Non-Governmental institutions

The Packages combines different products and services together, that provide centralized monitoring system for ease and cheap maintenance of the systems after installation. This reduces maintenance  cost for the systems hence protecting our clients pocket for the value of their money and time.

Bell Bronze

This Package  comprises of our Main Services, Singled out and offered separately. Eg Supplies of Computers or Supply of Telecommunication Equipment without any Software Installation and/or configurations. This Package is ideal for Individuals and Small Companies that need upgrade to their current systemsRead More »

Bell Silver

This Package comprises of more than two but not more than 4 of our services . E.g a client may need to set up a cyber cafe hence requiring Computers Supplies, Networking Equipment and Networking Cabling and Billing System Installed.  This package Ideal is ideal for  Startup SMEs and suchRead More »

Bell Gold

This is a more Versatile Package that combines out of the box and customized for your need as far as our services are concerned. eg. Supply of Computers, Supply and Installation of Telecommunication products and provision of Management Software and MaintenanceRead More »

Bell Platinum

The Bell Platinum is a special optimized package for  corporates and large institutions such as governments entities. This comprises of Products Supplies,Installations, Configurations,Managements,Maintenance and repairs of IT,Energy and security systemsRead More »

Contact Information

Tel: 0203750177, 020 2460374
Cell: 0716 207490

Physical Address

Revlon Plaza, Mezzanine Floor
Biashara Street, Nairobi

Postal Address

P.O. Box 20747
Postal Code 00200
Nairobi KENYA